Hedge Fund Services

HedgeNeXus provides a unique and innovative solution that addresses the challenges of raising capital in the hedge fund industry.

We have created a centralized platform to allow hedge funds to increase their visibility and exposure to a large global network of accredited investors. HedgeNeXus offers managers the opportunity to attend exclusive conferences, host a series of investor calls, post videos, and submit monthly commentary. These differentiating features, along with many others, significantly increase the probability of successfully growing your assets under management. This is not a hands-off platform or simply a database of information. The HedgeNeXus team is an active participant for gathering information, planning events, and supplying detailed feedback on all introductions made via the platform. We are a dedicated partner in your capital raising process.


The HedgeNeXus team has decades of industry experience hosting professional and efficient capital introduction conferences. Our events attract many of the largest and most respected investors in the alternatives community. As a member of HedgeNeXus, you will gain access to our conferences and the hundreds of allocators that have attended with access to over $250 Billion of aggregated capital.

Active Allocation Requests & Mandates

We are a leader in gathering Mandate & Active Allocation Requests from a vast network of institutional investors. Active Allocation Requests, or AAR’s, are hedge fund searches by allocators that have been sourced by the HedgeNeXus team. Unlike plan mandates, AAR’s are extracted through longstanding relationships and often not available via competitors. HedgeNeXus allows managers to view all available AAR’s on our platform and apply for introductions to these investors. Upon receiving an application, our team will coordinate the appropriate introductions.

HedgeNeXus also gathers and organizes publicly available information on active mandates. Managers will gain access to RFP documents, as well as plan sponsor and consultant contact information. Additionally, you will receive investor updates through our newsletter that will summarize the recent mandates and AAR’s.

Conference Calls

We host an active calendar of conference calls with our hedge fund clients giving you a forum to discuss a variety of industry topics and themes. These calls substantially increase your visibility among the investor community. The HedgeNeXus team will provide managers with a detailed list of participants as well as collate any relevant feedback received from our direct follow up with each allocator.

Monthly Commentary

HedgeNeXus has a section dedicated exclusively to manager commentary. This feature allows managers to post timely comments about their fund’s recent activity and performance as well as share their views on important market themes. New and existing investors will use this valuable source of information as a critical tool to increase their familiarity with each manager beyond performance and risk statistics.

Manager Videos

Our video section introduces each manager to the allocator community. HedgeNeXus will also post clips from many of the industry’s most influential leaders discussing strategies and outlooks for the global market. This feature allows managers to connect with investors on a more personal level.

Road Show Scheduling

It is no secret that most managers are short staffed and overworked. The HedgeNeXus team alleviates some of the administrative headaches associated with marketing by actively aiding in the preparation and scheduling of road shows. Our member hedge funds can utilize our extensive network of global allocators to make your next marketing trip an efficient and successful one.